This blog’s purpose is to to showcase people, places, events, and bits of the history of Bonita Springs, Florida.
I will be commenting on “All Things Bonita Springs” from the point of view of an oft-grouchy Bonita Springs Local that has lived here for 40 years.

Bonita Local also has an Instagram page, (BonitaLocal), which works in conjunction with this blog.

Please feel free to send me photos and story ideas! The email is: bonitasprings75@gmail.com.
I have been a proud Bonitian since 1975. I was 10.
I was fortunate to have grown up here. My two brothers and I experienced Twainesque childhoods. We built rafts to float down the Imperial River. Pulled teeth from  a huge, but dead, alligator to make bad-ass necklaces. Each day started with jumping off of our dock. We would spend the entire day in the river, or exploring the huge chunk of land that is now Bonita Bay. We would come home at night for dinner, ear infection treatments, and tick removals.
We were bused to Ft. Myers for middle and high school. Mosquito Control’s DC-9s dumped pink clouds of pesticides on us as we waited for our bus at 5 a.m.

My wife, ( a S.W. Florida Native), and I, got hooked on watching “Dexter” and “Bloodlines” on Netflix last year. Both shows take place in Florida. Both start with images of Florida water scenes, and mangrove islands. My wife and I realized together that these are the images of our home! This is our home! Florida. Bonita Springs. It’s home.

We decided to stop taking all that Florida has to offer for granted. We decided to start enjoying the outdoors like we did when we were kids. We decided to show our kids all of the amazing things that Florida has to offer. Fishing, camping, and hiking through the Everglades in search of the Skunk Ape with an infant on our shoulders.
The kids kind of fight our Great Florida Revival, but I know that a time will come when the magic of Florida hits them like it did my wife and me.


One thought on “About

  1. Great Story!! Hopefully all the politicians will grow backbones, stop trying to be Heros to angry, disgruntled, unreasonable Nimby and do the right thing for our city’s future.

    Let’s build it!

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