Kneeling in Protest. The U.S. Constitution vs. Trump’s “Base”.

I am a white man.  I am 52 years old.

I don’t have any close friends, or even many acquaintances, who are black.

I feel that I am perceptive enough to see what is going on with Trump vs. NFL players who protest during the National Anthem, and it sickens and shames me.

If Donald Trump was a patriot, fighting for the flag and all that it stands for, he would be able to tell us some stories of his heroic actions in Vietnam. However, all he can offer up is mockery of Vietnam Vets who were captured and tortured.

He could tell us about his 5 deferments, due to imaginary bone spurs and a fistful of his daddy’s cash.

To the point…

I can only imagine, (and I do, often), how it feels to be a Black person.  American History, as it pertains to Blacks, is a brutal story.

How would I handle being a grown man, a slave, or the ancestor of a slave, being humiliated for someone’s fun, in front of my kids, and being unable to stick up for myself for fear of losing my life? How would I feel wondering what my kids were thinking of me as they watched? How would I feel to grow up as one of those kids who witnessed my father, or mother being hurt, embarrassed, and humiliated with no means of recourse?

I would seethe with hatred and ooze bitterness, as any human being with a spine would. I would also want justice and equality. I would be desperate to believe in the values that America is supposedly built on. I would get bitter and hateful again when I saw so many videos of police officers shooting unarmed, or fleeing, or totally innocent Black people. I might lose hope in our American Society when none of these police officers are ever held accountable for their deeds.

To silently, peacefully protest these concerns is the epitome of being a patriotic American, (not to mention it being a showing of super-human constraint). To peacefully protest is what our Flag stands for. To be free to express ourselves is what our ancestors fought wars for and died for.

Contrary to what we are hearing from the Trump “Base”, the National Anthem is not about our military. Our Flag is not a symbol of our military. It is a symbol of our Country, and all that our Country stands for. To protest is not to, “spit on our military”, contrarily, it is celebrating what our military has fought for! If we can’t protest, then our military has never had a victory! To argue that a man should not be allowed to peacefully protest is the most ignorant, unpatriotic, unAmerican, and in this case, racist sentiment imaginable.

Why racist?

Trump couldn’t care less about the Flag, or what it stands for. What this narcissistic, thin-skinned, power-hungry racist wants from his public feud with the NFL, is to have his base of voters see him force the Black protesters to bend to his will. This is a power trip for Trump, and his followers. Make the Black man bow down again. That will energize his base! It really has nothing to do with the Flag.

After Trump’s blatant white-supremacist views were made so publicly visible after the events in Charlottesville, I thought that there was no possible way that Americans would allow him to go on as the “President”. It was shocking and appalling to me to see all of the racist scum pour out of their dark hiding places. I really had no idea that the KKK was still, “a thing”. I had no idea that there were still so many Americans with such prejudiced views. I never thought that we were a perfect country, but I honestly felt that we were much further along than we are.

If I was Black, I can’t imagine bending to the will of our twisted, cowardly, “leader”. The days of humiliation without recourse should be dead and gone.

I sincerely hope that at least some of the owners of the NFL teams will allow men to be American men. Free, patriotic, peacefully protesting American men, exercising their rights provided by hundreds of thousands of our fighting, and sacrificing, veteran ancestors.

There are many things that are more important than the money that the NFL rakes in. This one is high on the list! If there is any financial fallout….suck it up! Do the right thing and live with a little less money for a little while. I hope that there are at least a couple of NFL owners that will put Country before the almighty dollar.

Stand up for what is right, NFL! Trump is on the wrong side of the Constitution. On the wrong side of being an American! Take the very temporary financial hit as if the American Way depended on it.




One thought on “Kneeling in Protest. The U.S. Constitution vs. Trump’s “Base”.

  1. Well said. I have been trying to relay the same message, as a White Canadian NFL fan. many times I am arguing with people I thought had the same views I did; at the very least, I didn’t see just how racist they were. I am saddened and ashamed and I will keep speaking and writing and I hope more people like you speak up, as well.

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